"I founded Red Tail to provide an insight-driven, custom aviation solution

Bermun McGhee, Founder & CEO, Red Tail Aviation Holdings

that results in the utmost safety and service."

The game has changed. Air transport visionary Bermun McGhee and Red Tail Aviation Holdings bring you an entirely new air transport experience. It begins with our proprietary Red Tail Appraisal™, a deeper analysis of your unique aviation needs, and includes our development of a custom aircraft-and-service solution that perfectly meets those needs. The result: new clarity and confidence in your aviation decision.

Bermun McGhee is a visionary aviator, avionics expert and aviation business leader. An aviation prodigy who graduated from flight school at age 19, Bermun was selected to serve on the elite Presidential Detail during Operation Iraqi Freedom. In that capacity he was entrusted with the

Colonel Charles E. McGee

classified planning and operation of some of America's highest value missions. Passengers under his charge included members of the US Presidential Staff, the US Secretary of State, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) Commander, leading US Congress members, and foreign heads of state and ambassadors.

Bermun named Red Tail in tribute to the legendary Red Tail Squadron that includes his relative, Colonel Charles McGee, a recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal who flew a record 409 combat missions over three wars.

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